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    1. Welcome to A&B Machining Inc.

      A&B Machining is a leader in complex, tight tolerance machining operations. We can handle any size part. A&B has a full complement of equipment, small, medium & large scale CNC machining centers, horizontal and vertical mills, lathes and grinders. We have it all! A&B Machining can handle virtually any part, any size!

      Our team takes pride in providing innovative solutions, excellent quality and industry leading delivery rates. At A&B we have the skills and equipment necessary to meet your most demanding machining needs. The A&B team is available to our clients at any stage of a project… from initial design, to reverse engineering, product/process improvements, or simple part machining from existing drawings… we are here to serve.

      Our engineers and machinists are experts in close tolerances and highly complex machining. All of our equipment has been carefully selected to match those skills. With that blend of skilled people and top-notch equipment, A&B can provide tolerances and quality unmatched by our competitors

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