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    1. Equipment

      A&B Machining currently operates a range of equipment to service the most demanding of applications.

      • 15 vertical CNC mills with up to a 110” x 236” travel
      • Horizontal CNC mill with up 275 inches of travel, and rotary tables indexing on 1 degree increments
      • 5 CNC lathes up to 20” swing 100” BC
      • 4 Surface grinders up to 24” x 72” travel
      • Conventional lathes up to 27” swing 120” BC
      • Conventional mills up to 84” x 288” travel
      • Painting Capabilities

      A&B Machining has all the right equipment to handle any need; you can count on A&B Machining to use the proper tooling, process and equipment to produce your parts the right way!